We have beautiful week ahead with lots of sunshine, mild temperatures, and SMALL rain chances. So far this month, we’ve been pretty dry. The showers we have seen have been fairly isolated in nature — the pop up variety, and that’s what we’ll have this week too. Ten days into the month and we’re running about an inch behind normal for rain in both Boston and Worcester. With the dry week ahead, obviously that deficit will grow over the next several days.

Now just because this month has been *slightly* dry, doesn’t at all bring us to the point of needing rain, drought monitor or anything of that nature. We’re still running quite a surplus year-to-date (over 6″ in Boston), thanks to a very wet March and that our wet months have been a lot wetter than our dry months have been dry.

This week we have rain chances today, Tuesday and Wednesday. It’s the pop up shower variety that’s like a 10-20% chance, so much more of us will stay dry those days than who actually see a passing shower. Temperatures will continue to climb this week, really feeling like summer by Thursday and Friday! Friday late afternoon and evening is our next real chance of rain and storms as a cold front breaks the heat that builds and sets up a stellar weekend!

The nice part about this week’s weather is while the temperatures will feel like summer, the humidity not so much. We’ll get borderline sticky for the middle part of the week as dew points knock on the door of the sticky category, but we’ve certainly had (and will have) worse, even this year already. The one day you may notice it a little more will be on Friday as both the heat and humidity peak before breaking with that late Friday cold front.

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