A Treat of a Day Tomorrow

It seems for much of the past week, we’ve struggled for nice weather… a Nor’easter, cloudy skies, downpours, cold air. Just in time for both the Red Sox Parade and Halloween, the weather will finally cooperate. It will be a chilly start tomorrow, so if you’re out early to grab a seat on the parade route, take the jacket as even downtown Boston will be in the upper 30s at 8am. We’ll warm nicely with sunshine, though, climbing to the middle 50s by the afternoon. Winds won’t be too much of an issue for parade goers, a little breezy by the afternoon, but they’ll be rather gusty for the trick-or-treaters.

Wednesday night will stay mild as clouds increase through the day and keep us mild at night. The trick-or-treat forecast will feature cloudy skies with temperatures in the 50s for the kiddos. The bad news is winds will gust to 25 mph at times through the evening, but at least temperatures will cooperate and we won’t be dealing with rain… or snow.