Afternoon Improvement

Severe storms rolled through parts of the area last night. Some saw hail, some saw damaging winds, and others saw intense downpours. A few towns picked up an inch of rain with that quick batch of storms that moved through late Sunday.

A lot of us woke up to some pretty thick fog this morning but that is quickly improving. By late morning we’ll be back into the sunshine as temperatures climb to near 80 degrees for inland spots. There will be a decent sea breeze today with an east wind, and that will hold coastal temperatures near 70 degrees this afternoon.

If you have a long weekend that’s extending into today, it won’t be a terrible beach day. The only drawback this afternoon is it will be on the cool side. Beach temperatures will likely be in the upper 60s with that east wind. Water temperatures are about the same now. Other than being cool, we’ll see a lot of sun (so remember the sunscreen) and rip current risk is low across all the beaches today.

Or, it will be a great day for outdoor dining. Again, cool on the coast, but whether inland or on the water, we’ll see sunshine and winds stay fairly light.