All Hallows Eve-Eve

The only thing scary about the Halloween forecast is what the Ghost of Halloween Past has showed us:  Today is the 25th anniversary of the Perfect Storm (1991), also known as the “No Name Storm,” which battered the coastline with hurricane-force winds.  Also, I mentioned the 5th anniversary of “Snowtober” (2011) last night in my blog.  Plus, there was also Hurricane Sandy in 2012, right around Halloween-time, which even caused a delay for many trick-or-treaters and ghostly revelers due to terrible weather and clean-up on the actual holiday.  As Rob Eicher mentioned in his blog earlier today, the weather this time of year can get pretty wicked.  Luckily – we’re not in for anything scary this year… More like just an “average” Halloween.

Here’s  a look at the weather from the last few years:

We do, however, currently have some wet weather to contend with.  Better to see the rain during All Hallows Eve-Eve, rather than ON All Hallows Eve!  Scattered showers and areas of heavier rain are tracking through from west to east this evening, associated with a quick moving system.  The heavier rain has been, and will continue to be, seen along and south of the the Mass Pike.  North of the Pike, just some scattered showers – but it still could amount to 0.10-0.20″ of rain by midnight when most of the wet weather will be over and done with (with the exception of some lingering showers for the Cape and islands through 2am).  For Boston points south, rain totals could come out to be 0.25-0.50″.  It is much-needed rainfall, but I don’t need to harp on that fact again.  Still, #extremedrought

Again, the showers move off-shore completely by 2am, and even the clouds will clear out – which will make for a chilly morning in the upper 30s for inland areas.  This is just the beginning of a Halloween forecast that will send chills down your spine, quite literally… because it will be chilly.  Even though we’ll have mostly sunny skies tomorrow, a chilly breeze out of the NW will make our highs close to 50° feel like a shock (especially after our mild day of 60s today)!  Once the sun goes down at 5:38pm, temps will be able to fall rather quickly.  Plan on low to mid 40s for the Trick-or-Treaters.

Tuesday will be another “average” day, with highs in the mid 50s for most… but then we’re in for a real TREAT by mid-week.  A brief warm-up is on the way for Wednesday and Thursday, when highs will be in the mid to upper 60s once again.  Don’t get too used to it though, because it’s right back to “sweater weather” for Friday, Saturday, Sunday… and there may even be some flurries on the way for the weekend.  OOOOOOhhhhh, scary!!

Happy Halloween Eve!  – Breezy