All Quiet Along The Front(s)

A number of fronts–both warm & cool are lined up and ready to take aim on New England the next few days. The first–a cool front–is dropping out of northern New England as I type. This front is responsible for the clouds and a few isolated showers across the region. Sometimes, when these fronts move through, they make a lot of noise producing steady rain, showers and or thunderstorms. Other times, like these next few days, they move through with very little fanfare.

What the fronts will do is send the temps on a roller coaster–up & down, finishing on either side of *normal* for this time of year (normal high temps should be in the lower 50s) with a slight edge going to milder than normal. It’s a bit odd to have a couple of cold fronts charge out of Canada this time of year yet the temps still average above normal. Here’s why, check out a temperature anomaly map—warm colors show above normal temps….cool colors show the chilly temps…
Not much cold air for those cold fronts. Most of the cold air in the northern hemisphere is on the other side of the planet lately–Parts of Europe & Asia. Only Time Will Tell if that really cold air finds its way to our side of the planet but for the next 1-2 weeks, not much cold heading this way. Also of note, with a lack of cold air, big storms aren’t likely as they are often the result of warm & cold air mixing things up in the atmosphere.

Sooner or later, they’ll Come Together–hopefully the nation does as well.