All Summer long

These past several days (for me) have been ideal summer stretch….some hot days–great for cannonballs & beach gatherings and then followed by crisp, comfy nights/mild afternoons…if this summer repeats like these past 5 days–sign me up! What I could do without All Summer Long (Beach Boys) is the humidity but unfortunately, it’s about to return.

Tonight is one last comfortable night as the air is still dry but that changes by the weekend. Tomorrow is moving day–a warm front will slowly begin to dislodge this comfortable air and in doing so plan on a partly to mostly cloudy sky. I also think a few scattered afternoon showers are likely. Not a washout but outdoor activities may be interrupted by some rain. This warm front continues its assault on comfort tomorrow night(read–clouds & showers).

The weekend starts how Friday finishes….lots of clouds and a few isolated showers but as we step through the day some sun appears and the shower chance is reduced to a rogue shower…afternoon T times, BBQ’s and even some pool/beach weather should be ok. More humid with temps in the low 70s.

Fathers Day is warm and muggy. Clouds & sun will battle for your attention and along the South Coast/Cape, clouds could hang tough (humid air over a still cool ocean make for low clouds & fog–later in summer as the ocean warms, that humid air is less of a fog bank producer). Temps on Sunday should be able to run up into the 80s–especially where you have a mostly sunny sky. 70s are more likely along the South Coast/Cape with more clouds. All in all, decent day for Dad. Enjoy!