All Things Eclipse

I don’t think it’s any secret that I’m pretty excited about the upcoming solar eclipse!!

While we only get a partial eclipse here in New England (63% of the sun covered by the moon), it will still be a stellar celestial event – and we’re expecting mostly clear skies for viewing!!  Many people have spent loads of money to travel to the “path of totality,” but you would have had to make those plans MONTHS ago… and it isn’t guaranteed that you’ll have optimal weather for viewing.  Some may be in the “path of totality” but with cloudy skies… HUGE BUMMER.  So, I think we’ve won part of the lottery here – with a beautiful, warm summer day on tap this Monday.

There are still plenty of people hitting me up on social media asking questions about all of this solar-eclipse-scuttle-butt.  Here’s a quick video from WSI (our weather graphics provider) that gives a brief rundown:

Those “safe viewing tips” that flashed by very quickly read as follows:

  • DON’T LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN!  You will risk permanent damage to your retinas.  It’s not worth it… I promise!  You don’t want your lasting memory of the eclipse to be a black dot obstructing your vision for the rest of your life.
  • Sunglasses DO NOT provide the right amount of protection.  Listen, I put on a pair of “approved eclipse glasses” and I could not see ANYTHING.  We need serious protection to view the brightest light in nature.
  • Use an approved solar filter.  For more safety information and suggestions, use this link:  Eclipse Safety
  • Don’t have glasses?  Don’t worry!!  There are other ways to view by viewing INDIRECTLY!!  I know that many people have been scrambling to find glasses at the last minute – and it seems as though they’re mostly spoken for.  Here are some really fun DIY suggestions of how to make your own viewing party a safe and FUN success (even without glasses)!

The National Weather Service also has a neat website set up that includes a forecast for the entire U.S. for Monday as well as a countdown and other great info:

Here’s one more tip:  Don’t try to take photos of the eclipse (unless you’re a professional).  No camera phone is going to be good enough to capture the magic… and you might even miss it completely because you were busy trying to grab that perfect #instagram.  Solar eclipse selfies, however, especially from a viewing party, are certainly encouraged.  If you’d like to share your photos, you can email us at or use #Eclipseon7.  We’ll be live on 7News from 1-3pm on Monday – so if you’d like to keep your eyeballs safe from any harm, enjoy it with us from the comfort of your own home!!

Or… Wait until April 2024 when the “path of totality” will be over New England.  :c)  But you never know what kind of weather you’ll get.  – Breezy