Despite being a tad bit chilly today, it was a decent afternoon. Sunshine was out today with temperatures making the 60s inland and near 60° on the coast line.

Tomorrow will be another nice day, a bit warmer than today. We’ll lose the bright crystal clear blue skies with more of a filtered sunshine filling the skies on your Wednesday. Temperatures will be a bit warmer than today, climbing to the mid 70s inland and mid 60s on the coast.

While the nice sunny weather is nice to have, what we really need is some rain — especially those on the 95 Corridor in eastern Massachusetts. Since March 1st (the start of meteorological spring) Boston is over 4″ below average in the rainfall department, only receiving roughly half of what we should have had in that time. Worcester and central Massachusetts still needing rain but doing better than eastern Massachusetts.

And keep the sprinklers and water cans on standby, there’s no rain in the forecast until Friday evening.

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