Another Nor’easter!

Welp, here we go again. The 3rd storm is just 10 days is hours away and this one will be the snowiest of the three! Here are storm thoughts:

* Brunt of storm is from 4am Tuesday until 5pm Tuesday. A lengthy storm with several hours heavy snow (thundersnow is on the table again). Snow tapers after 5pm Tuesday.
* Poor travel the entire day on Tuesday…especially during the early morning and afternoon (improvement by evening)
* Strong winds along the coast coupled with the heavy snow will greatly reduce visibility along the coast (blizzard conditions likely along the South Shore for much of tomorrow morning and early afternoon).
* We do catch a bit of a break for coastal concerns as astronomical tides will be at their lowest all month! With that said, a storm surge of generally 2-3 feet will create minor to moderate coastal flooding at the 9am high tide Tuesday morning. Severe beach erosion as well. Our coastline as taken a beating these past 10 days.

Some storm graphics for you!

Snow map! Most important of the bunch…plan on 13-15″ in metro Boston (city included) and around 12″ in Worcester. Higher amounts along the South Shore & Upper Cape..15-20″ of snow! In terms of the water content, it will be a wet, pasty snow out on the Cape as well as the South Shore (especially around the Canal). A dry, fluffy snow for locations that had the very wet, destructive snow last week:

I do think even in locations with a dry snow, some power disruption is likely due to the hangers up in the trees this evening. Closer to the coast, scattered power disruption is likely–charge up the mobile devices and have your Storm Ready plan in place:

The added concern along the coastline will be the wind, strongest during the morning and mid afternoon. Wind will subside for all of us between 4-8pm Tuesday:

Even with a low astronomical tide, some minor to moderate coastal flooding is likely tomorrow morning:

Thankfully, it’s a 1-and-done concern, only some splashover is anticipated for the Tuesday evening high tide.

Indeed we find ourselves in a storm blitz.  These storm blitz patterns have happened before (Jan-Feb 2015) and my experience with them is they run their course in about 3-5 weeks. Our first was March 2nd, so that would mean after tomorrow there is still a few more likely in the tank between now and Easter. Ugh.

Be safe tomorrow, it’s a doozy.