Broken record here but today was another rainy day. Rainy hardly seems to cut it because it POURED again this morning. Many towns picked up between 1 and 2 inches of rain.

Boston’s total since midnight was 1.21″ which solidified our stance for wettest starts to July on record. Boston now far and away in first place for most rain in July to date. We’ve picked up almost 9″ of rain since the 1st. In a typical July, we see 3.27″ in all 31 days! We’ve seen 8.89″ in just 12 days.

Depending on how you look at it, we’ve seen rain every day this month. The reason I say depending on how you look at it, is because of Monday the 5th. We saw a “trace” of rain that day. A trace means we saw rain drops and the weather sensor at Logan airport detected drops, but the drops didn’t add up to enough to be measurable (0.01″). So did it rain, technically yes. But as far as the record books are concerned, it didn’t rain since it wasn’t measurable.

Tomorrow, most of us will (finally) see a dry day. But not everyone. I do think there’s the chance of a spot shower tomorrow or a few drops but they’ll be very isolated. So while it’s not enough to call tomorrow dry, a lot of will have tomorrow be a dry day. Dry but also cool. Temperatures on the coastline will likely be stuck in the 60s tomorrow.

Don’t let the one cool day get you down! We’re looking at a nice warm up by the end of the week!

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