Heating up nicely already today with sunshine. Most of us will find ourselves well into the 90s today with feels like temperatures in the upper 90s to near 100 degrees. Once that happens, we’ll record our second heat wave of the summer and also of the month. All of our 90 degree days occurring in July. The numbers below do not count today’s forecast, so assume we’ll tack one on today.

In this second stretch of heat, this will be the hottest of the bunch. We’ll likely see some middle 90s pop up across the area. The heat advisory continues today but has been expanded to cover more area than the one yesterday.

In addition to the heat advisory, we also have an air quality alert for Essex County, the Sea Coast of New Hampshire, and parts of western Mass. With the heat and humidity and the “heavy” and “stagnant” air if you will, some pollutants are being trapped near the surface and could impact vulnerable groups of people… children, elderly, those with respiratory conditions, etc. This is not a catastrophic thing, just know if this is you, you may need to slow down a bit today, more so than you normally would with 90 degree temperatures.

Also this afternoon, like Friday, and Saturday, and Sunday, and Yesterday, you may get hit with a widely isolated shower or storm or downpour. These are very isolated, probably impacting less than 10% of us. In fact, most of us probably didn’t know that it rained *somewhere* each of the last 4 days. Same situation today. Most will stay dry but if you hear some thunder don’t be alarmed. Try not to focus on the exact location of the storms on the map below. The takeaway is how isolated they are. The models we use are to course to gain the resolution to forecast the exact pin point location of the storms.

Today would of course be a great day for the beach, as was yesterday. You’ll enjoy sunshine, warm temperatures, just be sure to be away. First, wear the sunglasses and sunscreen. UV index is up to a 9 again, meaning you’ll get sunburn in just 20 minutes on the beach. Second, watch for the small chance of that thunderstorm as mentioned above. And finally, watch out for rough surf and rip currents. The winds are strong today in spots, so expect rough surf, rip currents and some under tow, especially on the exposed beaches.

And last but not least today, for those who may be looking for a break from the heat and for us to move along, away from summer, well I made this just for you. Fall weather is not too far away. Here’s the countdown, but don’t let it stop you from enjoying the heat today. We’ll be looking back on this day come February when we’re all shoveling out our driveways from feet of snow….

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