Another day offering up sunshine, mild temps, low humidity & a breeze. It’s Anti-2009. Recall?…The year without a summer and June was the worst…day after day of clouds, rain & raw temps and restless peeps. I’m ok with Anti-2009….I like the sunshine, it’s good for the soul (use that sunscreen tho!). I also am digging this comfortable airmass that we have owned for a number of day and looks like we will own right through the upcoming weekend! Yup, High Pressure is located across New York State and will drift into New England the next few days. This means we hold onto sunshine and at the same time, any storm attempting to deliver heat/humidity/thunderstorms will be thwarted by this High Pressure. Granted, it has been a very dry year so getting a midweek soaker wouldn’t be bad but it’s not in the cards. For those of you yearning for some heat & humidity, that looks to arrive early next week as our area of High Pressure will drift out of New England and settle somewhere south of the region next Monday. In that location, a west wind will import heat & humidity for a few days with temps running up close to 90 (even at the beaches). Perfect timing as summer 2016–the Anti 2009—gets under way next Monday!