Sunday was less of April showers and more of an April soaking rain, but that’s ok we needed (and still need) some rain. The heaviest rain over the weekend fell in Western Massachusetts, then Central Massachusetts, with the lowest totals found in the eastern part of the state. Worcester really put a good dent in their April rain deficit, going from over 2″ below average, to less than a half of an inch below average for the month. Boston still has some catching up to do, sitting 1.67″ below normal for rain just for April alone.

As far as any drought is concerned, that’s not a concern. At least not at the moment. The current drought monitor only has eastern Massachusetts as “abnormally dry”, not even to a drought category. Another thing to note is the drought monitor is issued on Thursdays, so this one is from last Thursday and doesn’t include Sunday’s rain. We’ll likely see some improvement with the new one that comes out this Thursday.

Moving forward this week, we still have the chance of picking up a few spotty showers each day. Neither day is a washout but each bring at least a small chance of showers until Friday.

With the rinse and repeat pattern we’re in you can basically expect the same thing each day this week — mix of clouds and sun, spotty shower chance, and that applies to temperatures too. Expect to ride the 50s the next three days.

Tuesday and Wednesday evening are big sports nights in Boston with the C’s playing Tuesday and B’s playing Wednesday. Most of our shower chances the next few days are driven by that little bit of sunshine we’ll have, so as the sun goes down so will our chance of rain. I’ll leave a spot shower chance in the forecast for both Tuesday and Wednesday evening, but if you’re heading somewhere to watch the game, it should really only be a spot shower left once we get past 7pm. Temperatures in Boston both evenings will be in the 40s.

Of course with a little sun and fresh rain and water the plants and trees are exploding! And that means the pollen is too. If you’ve been suffering the last couple of days, don’t expect any relief this week with pollen counts remaining high.

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