Average. There’s nothing wrong with being *average* and for many of us here in New England, our temps today were pretty close to average!

Check out those temps back toward Detroit City! Upper 70s! That warmer air is trying to make inroads into New England which is why we had the clouds and isolated showers late this afternoon and early this evening. The clouds/showers will cruise on through and be gone by the Friday morning commute. Tomorrow is an above average day as most towns away from the coastline flirt with 70 by afternoon, towns closer to the coast (Boston) will see the mid & upper 50s throughout the day! Clouds and sun vy for your attention.

The weekend starts with so much promise early in the day Saturday but chilly air makes a return by afternoon. Check out this temperature forecast for early Saturday afternoon:

Yowza! That chilly air will take over all of New England by Saturday evening and remain in place for Sunday. Most towns will stay in the 30s on Sunday with cloudy skies and even a rogue sleet pellet possible. Ugh. Unfortunately, this below average air stays in place for Marathon Monday and adding insult to injury will be periods of rain marching across New England during the day:

The timing of that steady rain is not locked in place just yet so it is possible the heavier rain holds off until mid afternoon on Monday. More on that by the weekend.


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