Back At It

All quiet now – even the world around us – as many people had the day off today to celebrate the New Year (or recover from the weekend).  The weather is quiet now too; perfect for hitting that “re-set” button before we head back to the grind tomorrow.  It’s back to work and school – back to reality – back to active weather.

Drizzle and spotty showers start to work in overnight tonight.  This is all cold rain, but there’s still a chance that some areas could experience freezing rain/drizzle through the early morning.  You’re more likely to run into these isolated slick spots well N & W of 495.  Just keep an eye on the temperature where you are… and remember, even if the temp is 33-34° (a touch above freezing), there’s still a chance that the surface is at freezing – especially on bridges and overpasses.  Past about 8 or 9am, temps should warm up enough that we’re all just in for wet roads.

This all starts out as spotty, light showers – but then fills in with a punch as we get closer to the evening commute.  All said and done, this could be 0.50″ – 0.75″ of rain with some over-achievers getting closer to 1.00″.  We’ll take it.  Just for the record, closing out 2016, we’re left with quite a deficit in the precipitation department.  #drought

The wet weather is outta here by Wednesday morning, but it will be windy on Wednesday.  Temps are still mild, in the mid to upper 40s, but that’s the last of that.  We will drop in temperatures for the end of the week and into the weekend.  Then all of those #snowlovers out there may get their turn…  For now, Friday looks like a glancing blow of a winter storm, which could mean a light snow accumulation (1-3″).  Of course, this track could change and as always, we’re keeping a close eye on it.

Good luck getting back at it tomorrow.  – Breezy