Back at It

Here we are, right back at it after a long weekend.  I don’t need to say it again, but I will:  It was a nice long, WARM weekend – making us think that we had skipped spring and gone straight into summer!  Well, today was proof that that’s not quite the case, with temps about 20-25 degrees cooler than yesterday in many spots.  Plus, we had an onshore breeze keeping the coastline even cooler and adding an extra chill to the air.  Here we are, right back at it; and by “it” I mean “SPRING.”

It will be a cool night tonight with temps dropping into the low 30s for the typically coldest areas well N & W of 495.  For the rest of us, lows in the mid to upper 30s will do it.  Still, chilly – As if we thought WE were confused by this big swing in temperatures, the automatic thermostat is probably even more confused.  If you’ve been sleeping with the windows open, the house should be much cooler by tomorrow and may even trigger some of the furnaces to kick back into gear.  This wouldn’t be the worst thing, because it doesn’t look like we have any more major warmth in the forecast anytime soon.

We’ll start with sunshine tomorrow before clouds move in during the afternoon.  High temps will be very similar to today; topping out in the low to mid 50s with the coolest numbers along the coastline.  I do think that tomorrow is a dry day until the sun goes down, but then a quick moving system could bring us some light showers during the evening hours.  Here’s the forecast for the NE Revolution game at Gillette tomorrow:

The temperature forecast during the next several days is very tricky…  Last night I mentioned that I may have been optimistic with the 7-day forecast, and tonight I changed a few numbers.  It looks more likely to me that Thursday could be a mild day; into the low 60s under mostly cloudy skies.  It could even be into the mid to upper 60s for some depending on how much sunshine we get for warming, and how far north a warm front works through New England.  Also while looking at forecast models today, I’m thinking Thursday could even be another dry day.  Last night I said “Friday looks to be the wetter of the two days,” and that still looks to be the case.  Keep the umbrella on standby, but you may not really need to have it in-hand until Friday.  – Breezy