Back to Spring

Another warm day today!  While it was perfect weather for spectators, friends and family (even Fenway fanatics!), it was a little too warm for the runners of the 121st Boston Marathon.  In fact, with a high of 75° in Boston today, this was the 2nd warmest Boston Marathon in the last 10 years.  As if 26.2 miles isn’t tough enough, you can add about 10 to 20 degrees on top of air temperatures to get an idea of what it “felt like” for the athletes today.  Phew!  Well done everyone!

Today was also the 4th warmest day of 2017, so far.  Yesterday tops the list with a high of 86°!  Still, yesterday was just one degree shy of the record for April 16th, which is still 87° for BOS (2012).  Also, it wasn’t the warmest Easter on record:  That record belongs to the Easter of 1976 when it was 94°!  Alright, enough stats… Here’s a look at the top five warmest days of 2017, so far (and it’s amazing to note that #5 happened in February!):

We’re done with the summer-like warmth, for now at least.  We really had gone directly from WINTER (the entire month of March) straight into SUMMER – skipping the important season of SPRING along the way!  For those of you who thought it was just “too hot, too soon,” don’t worry.  Now it’s back to “spring” this week, with much cooler temperatures and even some of those famous “April showers” in the forecast.

High pressure in Canada will help to drive cooler temps into our neighborhood from the north, beginning with another cold front moving through tonight.  This front will be dry, but it will switch our winds around to come from the north – and tonight’s lows will be significantly cooler than the last several nights.  Temps will range between 35-44° by early tomorrow morning.  If you’ve been sleeping with the windows open like we have been, tonight may be a night to keep them shut with these chilly changes coming into place.  Tomorrow may even be a bit of a “shock to the system!”  Highs will be in the mid 50s away from the coastline, but with a light wind coming in off of the cool ocean water, temps along the coast will top out in the upper 40s.

Tuesday and Wednesday are both dry… or should be…  There’s a slight chance of showers late on Wednesday, but I’m hoping they’ll hold off until the overnight hours for anyone who is heading to the Revs game at Gillette!  Unsettled weather is with us Thursday and Friday, but it’s still tricky to nail down timing of our showers during that period.  As of now, I can tell you that it looks like Friday will be the wetter of the two days.  The good news that comes along with the wet weather is some relief from our high pollen count!  Hopefully the allergy sufferers (I’m there with you) will get some brief relief from the sneezes.  – Breezy