Back to the A.C.

Remember Saturday morning?  We kicked this past weekend off with the coldest temperatures of the season; a widespread frost and even some areas dropping into the mid-20s!  Yes, it was a fall-like feel on Saturday morning… and even through the day on Saturday.  Maybe that got you in the mood for some apple-picking and leaf peeping!  ‘Tis the season!  Or is it?!  For some of us, this week it’s “back to the A.C.” as temps warm to near records.

We’re starting this work-week with very mild temperatures.  In the low 60s for most, as I type this blog.  In fact, the current temp of 63° in Boston is actually warmer than our average high temp for this time of year!  When you start off this mild, you know we’re in for a warm day.  As we break out the sunshine (7:00am sunrise), temps will warm into the mid 70s inland, low 70s along the coast with a slight seabreeze kicking in this afternoon.  You like the sound of that?  Well, just wait until Tuesday-Wednesday when temps warm to around 80°!!

For the rest of today, I expect a mix of clouds and sun.  We can’t rule out the chance (20%) of a spot shower later on this evening (5-7pm) but it’s not beneficial rainfall.  Like I always say, these would be the type of showers that move in and move out before you can break out the umbrella.  That is, IF you see any of these spot showers at all.  It’s another mild night ahead with mostly cloudy skies and temps running in the mid 50s to near 60°.  Then, temps top out around 80° for both Tuesday and Wednesday.  With a forecast that looks like this one does, why NOT plan some outdoor activities?  Maybe some golf?  Maybe the beach?  Maybe lunch with a dude named Al Fresco?  Why NOT?!

Enjoy it – because it’s not “normal” to see this type of warmth in the middle of October, and by next weekend it’s “back to normal.”  We’ll hold off on any good shot at beneficial rain until the end of this week.  While I do think that showers are likely for Thursday and Friday, there’s still time to iron out the details on exactly when and how much.  There’s a chance we could tap into some tropical moisture, which would mean a good soaking is on the way… but there’s also a chance it could be only scattered showers amounting to around 0.50″.  Stay tuned…

And in the meantime, enjoy this “return to summer!”