Today the weather brought just about everything. Before noon was cloudy, muggy, and wet. Rain started overnight with most places picking up .75″ to 1″ by the time the storm wrapped up this morning. But dependent on the downpours, a few areas recorded more than 1″.

After the noon hour the clouds gave way to sun, the humidity has been steadily falling, however the northwest wind has been picking up. Dew points at noon were in the upper 60s, close to 70 and by 5pm have fallen to the 50s. By Wednesday, most of us will hover with dew points near 50 — that’s beautiful stuff.

If you’re heading down to Fenway tonight for the game, it’s a great one. Sunshine and 70s. Perfect for baseball! The one downfall will be the wind. The weather will continue for Wednesday’s game, but keep in mind it’s been moved to a 4pm game to account for Bruins game 7. Temperatures for that game will be in the 70s. Thursday’s game will be a different story. I’m not even convinced the game will be played, but even if it is, it will be rather miserable… cloudy, rainy, wind, and 60s.

The sun is here to stay this evening and for your entire Wednesday as well. The best part, is with the sunshine and warm temperatures, the humidity will still be very tolerable. Enjoy your Wednesday because Thursday will be a much different story.

Thursday will bring a coastal storm to New England which will sock us in with clouds and rain. The early morning of Thursday will be dry, but rain looks to arrive by mid morning and be with us through the evening. While there is a coastal wind threat, it is just that… coastal. Winds could gust to 40 mph on the Cape. It’s not a terrible wind, you’ll certainly notice it. The criteria for a wind advisory is over 40 mph, and by the looks at it now, we’ll stay below that.

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