Better and Better

It was a wild night of weather last night, especially for central and northern New England.  For us here in the Bay State though, the storms luckily didn’t show up in full force.  There’s something to be glad of – and ready for more good news?  The forecast gets better and better as we near the 4th of July!

Yes, waking up and stepping out this morning, the humidity is still noticeably with us.  This will be a slow, but gradual improvement getting through the next couple of days.  Yesterday, dewpoints were in the low 70s – by this afternoon it’s down into the low to mid 60s – and tomorrow, we’ll feel much more “refreshed.”

There is another front that will move through Monday afternoon/evening.  This will not only reinforce the drier air, but it will also bring us some relatively cooler temperatures (rather than topping out near 90°, we’ll have highs that top out closer to 80° for Tues/Wed).  However, this front could bring us an isolated shower/storm – but it’s ISOLATED – which means most, if not all, of us will miss out on this.  Still, something we’ll watch into the PM hours of Monday.

Tuesday couldn’t look better:  Highs in the low 80s, mostly sunny skies, dewpoints in the mid 50s (very comfortable).  Your 4th of July outdoor plans should go off without a hitch!  Truly, it just doesn’t get much better for weather in New England on Independence Day.  Enjoy!  – Breezy