Better Half

We need these springtime showers, but it’s not the best timing when it happens on a weekend… or when it happens at the end of school vacation week.  It wasn’t a lot of rain today; for most just a few-hundredths of an inch with Nantucket getting just over 0.25″.  Even though the totals were low, it may have felt like a total loss of a Saturday with the gloom just sticking around.  Temps didn’t budge much either, staying in the low to mid 40s through much of the day.  If today has you feeling a little blue, don’t worry!  Tomorrow is the better half of the weekend and your “blues” will turn into sunshine and blue skies!

Clouds gradually break apart and move out overnight tonight.  Temps will fall into the upper 30s well inland to closer to 42 for Boston (not moving much overnight).  We’ll wake up tomorrow to partly cloudy skies and the stronger springtime sunshine will help to warm our temps into the mid and upper 60s away from the coastline.  Winds are fairly light tomorrow; first out of the NW, then late in the day out of the south.  Either way, there isn’t a strong enough westerly wind component to hold off a sea breeze, so highs along the coast/Cape will top out in the upper 50s to near 60.  Here’s a look at the numbers:

The forecast for Monday is fairly similar to Sunday:  Dry again, with clouds moving in during the late afternoon/evening.  Highs in the mid to upper 60s inland, and coolest for the coast/Cape.

We’ll hold off on any more spring showers until Tuesday.  Then we’re in for another cold, raw, breezy and wet day all across the board.  This system is a coastal system that comes in from the SE U.S. and it’s a “cut-off” low, which means it’s “cut-off” from the main stream of weather systems.  What this means is, the system will move up the coastline very slowly without strong upper level winds to kind of steer it along and move it on out more quickly.  That’s why I think we’re not only in for showers and an onshore wind on Tuesday, but through much of the day on Wednesday as well – until we can kick this system out of here.

By the end of next week, we could really warm things up.  I may have been a bit optimistic with my highs for Thursday and Friday in the mid to upper 70s – but I certainly think it’s a possibility, and personally, I’d like something to look forward to!  Still, it’s subject to change… and we’ll keep you posted with any updates.  Enjoy tomorrow – the “better half” of the weekend!  – Breezy