Big Snow – Fast and Furious

For Tuesday, plan on this:

  • The brunt of the storm is from 8am to 8pm with lots of snow (snowfall rates between 2-4″ per hour at times) and gusty NE wind.
  • Reduced visibility is a good likelihood, making travel impossible with whiteout conditions expected.
  • Strong NE wind component with damaging wind gusts a good likelihood, especially for the coastline, Cape and islands where gusts could get to 65-70mph.
  • Coastal concerns, as this storm arrives along with high astronomical tides.  We’ll be watching the Tuesday afternoon high tide (between 1-2pm for most) and to a lesser extent, the early morning Wednesday high tide (1:45am).
  • Significant snow.  This may be the doozy of this season (even though it’s already meteorological spring, snow tracking runs from July 1-June 30th the following year). The snowfall forecast is posted below as well.
  • There will likely be a time (in the afternoon/eve) when milder air creeps in from the SE, changing the snow over to a mix as far NW as Boston.  That would mean more of a wet/heavy snow (sleet mixed in), especially for the Cape and islands where the mix/rain will have a longer duration.  For areas N&W of 128, temps are cold and we’re talking “fluff-factor” here.

Here are the graphics that coincide with the information you just read.  Of course the 7Weather Team has you covered from tonight through the storm.  We’ll “weather” it together.  – Breezy

Snowfall Potential:


Remember, in order to call this storm a “blizzard,” we do have to reach “blizzard criteria.”  That is, blowing/drifting and/or falling snow coupled with winds of 35mph, which would reduce visibility to 1/4 or less for 3 consecutive hours or longer.

High Wind Warning: 

Travel Timeline:  As I mentioned on Twitter, you may get to where you’re going on Tuesday morning, but then you’ll likely find yourself stuck there.  #justsayin’

Coastal Flood Warning & Coastal Flood Advisory:  This is in effect from 11am to 3pm tomorrow.  As I mentioned previously, watching the early afternoon high tide Tuesday and two hours before and after the peak high tide time.  Minor to pockets of moderate coastal flooding possible.  To a lesser extent, but still “watching” (Coastal Flood Watch) the North Shore & the Cape for the early Wed morning high tide (2-3am).