Brace yourself! A true blast of winter is moving in today and the next 48 hours are going to be quite blustery. Before we talk about the cold, let’s talk about the black ice potential this morning and today. Yesterday maybe wasn’t the prettiest day, but it was warm. Temperatures made it into the 40s for most of us and we melted a lot of the snow we received on Friday. That, combined with a few rain showers left a lot of moisture on the pavement this morning.

Now, temperatures are below freezing so that moisture will re-freeze on the roads. Watch for black ice as you head out! Temperatures aren’t going to move much today. We’ll be stuck in the 20s all afternoon long and with the gusty winds, it will only feel like the teens.


  • Cold: Highs in the mid 20s
  • Windy: Gusts up to 30 mph
  • Feels like temperatures: Teens


  • Still blustery
  • As cold air rushes in a few isolated snow showers are possible, but will have little to no impact as they’re overnight
  • Wind chill advisory in effect where wind chills could hit -20° by Tuesday morning


  • Wind chill advisory remains in effect
  • Wind chills stay below zero all afternoon
  • Snow showers are possible on the Outer Cape with the cold air moving over the warmer ocean waters


The cold air that arrives Tuesday will be record challenging, though not record setting. Why not record setting? Well it’s arriving about 6 hours too late. Temperatures at midnight will be in the teens, though we’ll spend much of the day near 10°… if that. Remember, it won’t even feel that warm with feels like temperatures below zero all afternoon.

If you only looked at the afternoon temperature, it would be record setting for coldest high temperature for a January 11th. Afternoon temperatures should top out around 10° Tuesday afternoon in Boston. The record for “coldest high” is currently 12°. Again, officially our high for the day will be our midnight temperature which will cause us not to break the record.

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