Bitter Now, Wild Swings Ahead

Another frigid start to the day as arctic air remains in place this Tuesday morning. Wind chills early in the day run -10 to -20, providing quite a sting to the air as we head back to work and back to school. At these levels, you do need to be careful of frostbite is you’re spending any length of time outside. At 6am, the below graphic showed the conditions in Worcester. At -20 wind chill, exposed skin can be prone to frostbite within 30mins.  Bottom line, bundle up.

While the snow and ice won’t go into a big time meltdown mode today, with temperatures recovering into the mid to upper 20s, combined with sunshine hitting the roads, some of the side streets should see some improvement later today. The thick ice on the driveway may have to wait until tomorrow afternoon, when temps go well above freezing.

In fact, we’ll run upper 30s to mid 40s by mid to late afternoon. Temps stay in the 40s tomorrow night as rain settles in and becomes heavy at times through Thursday morning. With temperatures running into the 50s on Thursday, 1-2″ of rain falling, and areas of fog likely overnight Wednesday (fog=snow/ice kryptonite), I don’t expect much snow/ice left on the ground by Thursday evening. The combination of the rain and snow/ice melt will likely yield to some street flooding issues too on Thursday. Gusty winds develop out of the south too, 40-50mph Thursday morning, with the strongest gusts likely across eastern/southeastern Mass.

Stay warm today!