Blizzard Warning For Some

Here we go… snow and wind getting set to move in this morning, and for many of us, it’ll be the biggest storm since the infamous winter of 2014-2015. For Boston, that’s not saying much as last winter’s biggest storm came in at 6.8″.

While some towns get hammered, not all towns share in that experience. With a coastal low carving a path just a little bit too far offshore to nail all of Southern New England, it’ll be a case of the haves and have nots. Below is a list of advisories/warnings. The orange shaded area is where we have a blizzard warning for coastal South Shore and the Cape and Islands, where the combination of wind, heavy snow and blowing snow, will create near whiteouts and blizzard conditions.

Let’s talk timeline… By 11am, snow fills in for much of Southeastern Mass with snow developing close to Noon in Boston and quickly overspreading inland locations early this afternoon. Travel conditions quickly go downhill early this afternoon, especially along and east of 95 as the coastal front and ocean enhancement produce snowfall rates of 1-2″ per hour! In combination with a late afternoon wind that gusts over 35mph at the coast, blizzard conditions are likely across Southeast Mass making travel very difficult, if not nearly impossible there at times. Route 24, Route 3 south of the Braintree Split, that’s you.

In terms of snowfall totals, it’ll be quite the range across the area from just a few inches of fluff in northern Worcester County to over a foot in much of Southeastern Mass. A couple factors coming together to deliver the heaviest snow near the coast and especially south of Boston, are ocean enhancement and a coastal front.  A coastal front is where a northeast wind meets a north wind and aids in “lifting” the air and producing higher snow rates. Ocean enhancement is the very cold air passing over the relatively mild ocean waters, adding instability and moisture, both producing higher snow rates. Anyhow, bottom line, it’s a big storm for a good chunk of us, but not all.

At least with the fluff factor, the snow’s not the cement type stuff.

Tomorrow and Monday is cold, not much melting then, but we’ll bring in milder air in a few shower chances mid to late week. Stay warm, stay safe and have a nice weekend!

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