Boomers to Cooler Weather

What a day yesterday!  Sunshine, a nice breeze and temp in the low to middle 80s.  Tough to sit in the office on a day like that, but at least the lunch break outside and dinner on the grill was pleasant.  The benefit of nice weather this time of year is it doesn’t get dark until after 8pm.

While yesterday afternoon was picture perfect, this afternoon won’t be.  It’ll be nearly as warm, low to mid 80s, but this go around, we’ll track scattered showers and storms.  A few brief showers start off this Tuesday morning northwest of Boston, but the highest risk for strong storms is this afternoon.

After partly sunny skies mid morning to early afternoon, temps warm up to near 80 degrees and with a cold front pushing toward us, and colder air and strong winds aloft, the set-up is there for a couple of these storms to be on the stronger side.  Damaging wind gusts and hail and localized downpours are the main threats. Not all towns will see the action, so some folks will stay dry.  Hit or miss is the nature of the game.  While a few showers/storm pop as early as Noon-1pm ish, the bulk of the action is between 2-8pm.

Tomorrow we start off sunny, however, as energy to our west comes charging is here with plenty of really cold air aloft, a few gusty showers/thunderstorms form again.  I don’t expect a lot of severe weather, but some storms will be capable of small hail thanks to tons of cold air upstairs.

We’ll cool it off tomorrow and stay near/below seasonable levels into the weekend.  Saturday looks like the better of the two weekend days as of now.  Sound familiar?

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