Bottle it Up

It may have taken all day for that humidity to kick out, but this afternoon was just what summer ordered.  Highs topped out in the mid, to even upper 80s in some spots (88° in New Bedford)!  I’ve seen it written several times on social media today:  “This is the type of day we need to remember… in the middle of January.”  Bottle it up if you can!

If you liked today, you’ll like tomorrow as well.  It’s a very similar day, temperature-wise, with highs in the low to mid 80s under mostly sunny skies.  However, that sunshine will be filtered a bit by some high clouds.  But read this:  The sun is still strong enough this time of year to give you a sunburn, even despite the hazy appearance to the sky!  If you’re headed to the beach, pile on the sunscreen.  :c)

An afternoon sea breeze will kick in during the next few afternoons, keeping the coastline cooler than inland areas.  In the afternoon Tuesday, northwest of 495, there may be a isolated storm or two, but most of us stay dry.  Still, it’s worth being “weather aware” during the afternoon/evening hours of Tuesday – as these storms could pack a punch with some gusty wind.

The next chance for more widespread showers arrives Thursday afternoon, into Friday. With an onshore wind developing too, it’ll be cooler to end the week and head into next weekend.

In the tropics, Tropical Storm Gert has now formed, but the path of this storm is out to sea and will have little impact on the U.S. other than some high surf.  East and south facing beaches of the Cape and Islands may catch some increase in rip currents early to mid week from it.  Hurricane season peaks around September 10th, so we’re just getting into the heart of the season and the tropics likely become more active for the 2nd half of the month.