After a wet (understatement) start to July, we’re finally seeing a pattern change! The jet stream is dipping south of us which is where storms will track. Now, let’s clarify that doesn’t mean we won’t see ANY rain… but rain chances will be lighter and more scattered instead of days long tropical rain storms that give us inches of rain a day or ones that last for 2-3 days.

Today is day one of that new pattern. We’ll see plenty of sunshine with temperatures in the 70s. On top of that, humidity has been erased. Does it get any better than this? There is the smallest chance of a sprinkle this afternoon but it will only affect like 5-10% of us and will be light, spotty, and short-lived. Don’t think too much about, instead just enjoy this beautiful day!

We’re starting off with blue skies this morning, we’re not totally done with the smoke and haze we’ve seen the last couple of days. Another plume of smoke will drift in this afternoon/evening. It should make for a colorful sunset. Then by tomorrow morning it’s gone and we’re back to blue skies.

Like I said before, the pattern change doesn’t mean no rain chances, just more scattered and lighter. So Friday a few spotty showers will return for the second part of the day. Saturday is similar to today. I’m not ruling out a sprinkles but for planning purposes consider it a dry day. The best chance of rain in the forecast arrives on Sunday.

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