Bring it Back Down to WinterTown

Whoa… Today’s weather had me thinking, “What WAS that?!”  Temps rose overnight and topped out in the upper 50s to even 60° in some spots.  It almost felt balmy out, as this is the warmest day we’ve had since the first of December.  It didn’t last for long though!  Those highs were reached early in the day and crashed through the late afternoon.  Even though these mild temps weren’t with us long, it was enough to melt most (if not all) of the snow we got yesterday morning.  Now we “bring it back down to WinterTown” as temps continue to crash into the overnight.  This is where the concern is:  Snow melted today + a little rain on top of that snow melt + crashing temperatures = concern for black ice.  Whatever was still wet and left untreated today will become ice overnight, and could make for a slick Monday commute.  Please use caution when out driving and walking tomorrow!  Despite mostly sunny skies (the sun is about as warm as a flashlight this time of year) temps will stay below freezing tomorrow.

Now, onto other important things:

Winter starts this week (officially) and Christmas is next Sunday!  That creeped up on us quickly, didn’t it?!  The winter solstice is this coming Wednesday at 5:44am (EST), and this marks not only the first day of winter but also the shortest day of the year (in terms of daylight).  The “take away” good news in that is, we’ll start to gain daylight back after Wednesday (slowly but surely)!  Heading into the holiday weekend, travel looks fairly quiet – especially here.  We do stay dry through much of this week – with the exception of late Thursday – which looks like rain, rather than snow.  Shouldn’t cause any significant delays, as least not due to weather.  Highs from Wednesday on will be in 40s straight into the weekend.  Have a great week!  – Breezy