Bring on Spring

Not a bad way to kick of astronomical spring, all things considered.  Take a look at the graphic above, highlighting the weather on the first day of spring through the last few years.  It may just be me, but I prefer today!  Highs were into the 50s for some (Boston hasn’t been into the 50s since the 9th), and we had the sunshine to enjoy.  I mentioned this weekend that the sun angle is getting stronger – and that was easy to feel today, if you got out and about.  On December 21st, 2016 (the first day of winter) the noon sun angle was about 24° off the horizon – and today (the first day of spring) the noon sun angle was about 48° off the horizon!  That’s significant!!  The stronger sun angle not only helps us to feel warmer on chilly days, but it also makes it harder for any snow that may end up in the forecast to accumulate – and if any snow does manage to accumulate, it doesn’t last long.  Bring on spring!

No snow in the forecast for the next few days, but we do dive back into winter-like temperatures.  Not before another mild day tomorrow, though.  A few clouds sneak in tonight, and temps will fall back into the upper 20s and low 30s.  Something to keep in mind:  With the mild temps and sunny skies today, a lot of our current snow was able to melt off and this has created some puddles.  There’s a chance for some icy patches on the sidewalks and driveways tonight where the melting snow refreezes.  Just a thought.

Tuesday is partly cloudy and mild again, with highs 50-55°.  Not bad at all, considering the average high for Boston this time of year is 46°!  Here’s the thing though, the mild temps don’t last long:

This will be a shock to the system, moving from Tuesday into Wednesday.  Plus, we’ll have to factor in some very cold/blustery wind and temps that fall into the 20s by Wednesday afternoon.  It’s a “cold blast” for sure, and it will serve as a reminder that the “first official day of spring” doesn’t really have much bearing on the forecast moving forward.  It’s cold again on Thursday under sunny skies, with highs in the low to mid 30s.

Temps do start to recover on Friday (closer to normal), but there could be a late day rain shower.  The forecast for the weekend looks tricky – to say the least.  It’s likely mild on Saturday (though that 64° I had in the forecast last night isn’t there anymore) – with a possibility of some wet snow and sleet on Sunday.  Certainly something we’re keeping a close eye on – but it’s still too far out to get into details.  Stay tuned!

While the cold blast this week and the “potential wet snow” this weekend may have you feeling a little bummed out… Would it make you smile if I told you we’ll be “playing ball” at Fenway two weeks from today?!  I’ll just leave this little countdown right here, in case you need it.  – Breezy