If you so much as stepped outside today, you felt one thing… the wind! It was huffin’ and puffin’ all day long with wind gusts over 30mph and at times 40mph. Those winds took an already cold day with highs near freezing and dropped our wind chills to the teens through the afternoon. We’ll keep the wind overnight and that will create wind chills around 10° overnight tonight and around sunrise tomorrow morning. After a cold start, tomorrow afternoon is better — still not great and still chilly, but with less wind in the afternoon it will improve that wind chill factor.

We’ll have the sunshine all day long tomorrow with snow arriving after sunset. Bright skies in the morning will become more of a filtered sunshine in the afternoon as high clouds take over ahead of those snow showers. It’s a little clipper system that is pushing through and will drop minimal snow amounts between 7pm and 2am. It’s all out and in the clear by Friday at sunrise.

Amounts are only between a coating and 2″, heavier amounts across northern spots, lesser across southern spots. For southern spots this won’t be much. It really won’t be much for northern spots either, that said, for these areas it will be more snow than the system that we were talking about yesterday.

Overall we have a pretty chilly week and weekend ahead with temperatures staying in the 30s. It is February after all and we’d expect cold. It’s not bitter nor arctic but it is cold. Of course the wind always makes it feel worse and unfortunately we won’t shake the wind any time soon. It will come and go over the next several days with Friday’s gusty wind being similar to today.

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