Brutal Cold Kicks Off This Week

Wow! What a game last night! Hey, at least if our faces are going to freeze, they might as well freeze with a smile on them!

Wind chills are brutal this morning, approaching -30 out through the Worcester Hills. At that level, frostbite to exposed skin can set in under 30 minutes. Bottom line, if you’re spending any length of time outside today, layer up and cover exposed skin. That goes from the sledding hills to the ski slopes to the waiting for the bus to head into work.

Highs won’t recover much today, near 10 in Boston and barely above 0 in Worcester. That’s cold enough for a record cold high for the date. Worcester also tied it’s record low of -6 this morning.

Hard to believe that with all this Arctic air in place, we’ll be taking about a rain-maker Wednesday night into Thursday. 1-2″ of it is possible.

Have a good day and stay warm!