Chill… OUT

Today is the 13th straight day of temps below 32°.  I don’t know about you, but this cold is getting old.  Recently we tied a 100-year-old record for temps staying at 20° or below for 7 straight days… and now we can add this to our bragging rights:  This is the third longest stretch of temps <32° on record (it’s a tie with 2005 and 1893 for that #3 spot):

And here’s more talk of “record cold” for you… Boston tying a 122-year-old record of -2° this morning, and Worcester coming in with a new record low of -9°:

These cold records sounding like a broken record – but we’re going to finally break out of this pattern.  In fact – we’ll have temps slowly rising overnight tonight – and it won’t be as frigid of a start tomorrow morning.  While there will be some light snow showers moving through tomorrow afternoon and evening – it’s really nothing (especially compared to what we saw on Thursday), maybe making for a dusting for some… but don’t let the “snow” in the forecast get you down, because look where those temps will be tomorrow afternoon!!

It’s nice to have “seasonable temps” in the forecast once again!  Tuesday will be even better, with highs in the upper 30s under mostly sunny skies… we’ll start cooking down some of those snow piles.

For the end of the week – we’ll really be cooking that snow away, with temps around 50… but there is also some concern there – as we’ll likely get some decent rain on top of all of that melting snow.  Hopefully it’s not “too much melting/rain too quickly” but there is cause for concern there… something that bears watching over the coming days.  And of course, we’re all looking forward to next Saturday – GAME DAY!  The forecast could still change, but for now I’m thinking game-time temps around 40° with possible showers.  At least there’s one thing we know for sure – this next game won’t be ANYTHING like the last one (weather-wise).  :c)

Enjoy the thaw.  – Breezy