Yesterday, we certainly took a step down from the temperatures we had over the weekend, as highs held in the upper 40s and low 50s.

Today, we take another step down with highs topping out in the low to mid 40s. Add in a breeze that gusts 20-25mph, and it’ll be a chilly day overall. With that said, it’s pretty close to average for the time of year and it’ll stay dry with a mix of sun and clouds this afternoon.

While most of March has been above average, most of the upcoming 7 day forecast is not. The exception to that is tomorrow as temps do rebound to the low to mid 50s in the afternoon. Scattered showers move in late in the day, and linger into the early evening as well. Those showers are associated with a disturbance, and a cold front, that blasts through the area. As it does so, gusty winds pick up out of the southwest in the afternoon tomorrow, and then out of the northwest in the evening. Those northwesterly winds huff and puff Thursday, gusting to 40mph, keeping it quite chilly with highs hard pressed to get much above 40 degrees then. Image

Friday is chilly too, with temps in the low 20s in the morning and low 40s in the afternoon.

The weekend starts off unsettled with rain and higher terrain wet snow on Saturday. We’ll watch to see how an ocean storm develops and where it stalls out to see if we can dry out Sunday and Monday. One thing that looks likely is the fact that it’ll remain chilly into early next week as highs hover in the lower 40s.

Bottom line, while the Spring Equinox arrives at 11:06pm today, we don’t have much Spring weather in the forecast.

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