Chilling Out This Weekend

While we wait for the next rainstorm (perhaps late next week) to further our cause against this drought we shall enjoy some outstanding fall weather this weekend! High Pressure is with us both days so plan on ample sunshine, especially tomorrow and we’ll need it because we have a cold night tonight! Overnight lows will head for the 30s, even some upper 20s so if gardening is still your scene these days protect the plants…if you’ve had your fill of a green thumb and ready to close the books on the garden…tonight’s cold oughta do the trick.

Early morning T times likely face a frost delay (golf lingo) and the kids soccer games before 10am will be cold but even here in October the sun can–and will–do some work on that early morning chill. Sunshine will boost temps by afternoon to these numbers..
A smidge cool but pretty close to normal (low 60s). On Sunday, we have more sunshine and that sun continues to work on this cool air bubble from Canada. Plan on temps ~10 degrees warmer..
That should work. A breeze may, at times, mask that mild feel to the air but overall it looks great for picking apples, playing golf or watching the Pats down at Gillette. While we enjoy a nice, quiet weekend the folks in the Pacific Northwest are getting hammered by a storm right now with an even more powerful storm slated for tomorrow (it will make national news):
That second storm has actually been infused with some leftovers of a super-typhoon (Songda). This storm will crash into the Pacific Northwest tomorrow with heavy rains and perhaps hurricane force (74mph) wind gusts! All that jet stream energy will then pass up into Canada next week and in doing so will lead to major warmth for the eastern United States…including New England. Temps by Tuesday and Wednesday are up near 80 degrees! Summer attempts a return for a few days.

Enjoy your fall weekend.