It was a COLD start to Saturday with sub-freezing morning lows.  Quite a few locations stretched into the upper 20s this morning including some within 495-corridor.  Boston finally dipped below 40°, the first time since April 11th, cutting the streak at 204 days.

For the rest of your Saturday, expect temperatures to climb close to 50° through the afternoon under mostly sunny skies.

It will be chilly for trick-or-treaters this evening (for the towns that rescheduled due to Halloween’s wind/rain event).

Showers hold off until midnight, with a brief showers along the South Coast and the Cape and Islands, but these will be out of here before daybreak Sunday.

Don’t forget to turn back your clocks one hour before going to sleep tonight.  Daylight Saving Time Ends at 2AM Sunday, so to be sure that you are on time for your events on Sunday…be sure to change your clocks.  With the time change, we do have an earlier sunrise, but also an earlier sunset, but at least we get an extra hour of sleep!

Sunday afternoon is slightly warmer than today with highs into the low to mid 50s.

The work week starts dry, but by Tuesday afternoon, we do have a few showers in the forecast.  Another round on Thursday, with Friday bring a big cool down with highs only into the low 40s!  A spot shower is possible, along with a chance for some flurries!  It looks like it’s that time of year again.


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