Classic Summer Weather

Some of our lawns, gardens & yards had a nice drink of water this morning with Nantucket getting a little to much rain–4.00″! Once that storm pulled away from New England, the sun went back to work and has been pulling that rain water out of the ground. Hello humidity. Granted, it’s not the kind of humidity you can experience in August but certainly a nice wave from the summer season. Tomorrow, mid-summer heat joins the party!

Wednesday is a full day of sunshine which wil go to work right away and send those temps into the low & mid 90s with only those at the waters edge able to avoid 90 degree heat. The hottest temps are likely to be around 94, 95, 96 along the I-495 corridor and up into the Merrimack Valley. Thankfully, it’s likely to just be a dry heat but even the heat all by itself will be taxing when you are out & about…hydrate tonight–before heading out tomorrow!

Thursday is another hot day with temps near 90 and a little more humidity. These two–left all by themselves are harmless but add a cool front to the mix and you have a meteorological brouhaha! This front likely pops some scattered storms late day Thursday and into the evening. As of now, not anything or severe or widespread but heads up after 4pm.

This front is likely to find a home in New England for a couple of days–Friday & Saturday. As of this evening, it’s not known what zipcode it’ll represent but plan on clouds & sun with some scattered storms each day–more-so on Saturday than Friday. Great for our drought…not so much for vacationers.