COLD Lang Syne

There wasn’t a lot of snow for SE Mass to write home about today.  Not enough moisture and not enough lift… so we ended up with just some “festive flakes.”  But as Justin Dougherty said earlier this evening, “If it’s going to be this cold, it might as well snow, right?”  :c)  Here are some of those snow reports:

So this evening’s snow won’t be the topic of conversation at the New Year’s Eve party… but I bet this recent cold will be!  Here are some fun stats for your back pocket, for when you meet that stranger tomorrow night and you don’t know what to say… you just talk about the weather!

We are headed to rival the longest stretch of 20° or below (7 days). Today = Day 4. Check out the last time we were this cold for this long (almost exactly 100 years ago):

As you can see, the forecast stays frigid.  My advice for all of you hard-core New Year’s Eve revelers is… find a great way to celebrate indoors.  See that forecast at the top of this post?  Air temps don’t really matter when you’re talking about a wind chill index some -15 to -20°!  Also, a heads up:

Now, I know I need to address the snow potential for this coming Thursday… the truth is, we just don’t know what this storm will mean for us yet, because it hasn’t formed yet.  Models have been all over the place with some solutions out to sea (“nothing”) and some trending right along the coast (“all”)… so it could still go either way.  We’ll need to watch it closely – and you can believe we will.  We’ll keep you posted with every update – even the updates like this one where I say, “we just don’t know yet.”  Happy New Year!  Stay safe and warm!  – Breezy