Cold Won’t Hold

Yesterday it was “back to normal (or close to it)” for just one day, but then we got another boost in temperatures today.  The month of February is running almost 5° above normal – and will go down in the books as one of the top-10 warmest February’s on record.  I’m sure this doesn’t surprise you when you think of the three-consecutive days of record-breaking temps we experienced last week, one of which (Friday at 73°) was the warmest temp recorded in Meteorological Winter.  Another WARM month going down in the record books… and now we turn the page to March.

March 1st marks the beginning of meteorological spring; the months of March, April and May.  The “vernal equinox,” or start of astronomical spring isn’t until March 20th, which is still 20 full days away.  HOWEVER, the start of meteorological spring will feel like spring as we once again climb into the 60s.  Another run at record-highs is in store for this Wednesday:

The “warm” weather on Wednesday also comes along with some wet weather.  Not a lot of rain in store, but there could be some thunderstorms with downpours that move through during Wednesday evening.  The SPC (Storm Prediction Center) is keeping an eye on the potential for severe weather through the next two days, but the better dynamics for this is through the South, where you see the brown & yellow shading on this map.  For more information from the SPC, use this link:  You’ll see that the Bay State is in the dark and light green shading (for Wednesday), indicating that there is the potential for some thunderstorms, but the ingredients for severe weather are only “marginal.”

After a cold front moves through, we head back on down to “Wintertown” for Friday and Saturday… but once again, by looking at the 7-day forecast, you can see that the COLD won’t HOLD.  That seems to be the pattern of this winter with ups and downs creating a never-ending, temperature roller coaster ride.  So what will March look like?  I think it’s likely we’ll experience another month of above average temperatures, but that is to say that we will also have our “bouts” with cold.  Keep all types of clothing handy; the flip flops and the snow boots… just in case.  – Breezy