Cool and yet very comfortable

The title pretty much sums up our weather the next several days. The second of two cool fronts–blogged about heavily these past two nights—is departing and taking with it a smattering of showers and t-storms. For many of us it was much ado about nothing as the rain was scatter-brained and now the pattern is dry and lacking heat.

When you take a glance at our 7-day forecast it doesn’t scream “Outstanding beach/pool weather!” but it does offer some absolutely comfortable weather for any type of outdoor activity (sans the beach/pool). A large and slow moving area of High Pressure will settle into the northeast for several days. This area of High Pressure has roots in Canada—for the beaches/pools you’d like to see that High Pressure family tree from Bermuda but that’s for another time. This High Pressure will allow sun to shine–mixed with clouds at times–for the next few days with only a cool front swinging through on a day trip on Sunday. Even that will only produce clouds & perhaps some morning sprinkles, otherwise sunshine is king.

For those of you who love heat & humidity, eventually you will see High Pressure situate itself in a position (south of New England) that offers some summer lovin. The long range maps indicate the seven-ten days could bring some seering heat (and humidity) this way. Until then, enjoy these cool, crisp nights and fantastic afternoons….make the most of it, before you know it, it will be warm & muggy.