Cool & Breezy

On a day like today, I’m not sure whether to put together the beach forecast or the apple-picking forecast!  Is this fall already?!  No, but it certainly was cooler today, especially by June standards.  To put it in perspective, highs were about 5-10° cooler than “normal” for this time of year.

I guess we take the good with the bad.  It may not have been a “day at the beach,” but we also weren’t tracking any showers or storms today.  The air is drier too, with dewpoints running closer to 40°.  What that means is that the all-famous “Frizz Factor” isn’t a factor at all today!  However, the wind was a factor… So, for those of us with long hair – it was still a struggle for the perfect the ‘do.  It stays fairly breezy into the overnight hours, and even into part of Friday.
Tomorrow is a bit of a “rinse and repeat.”  That is to say, it will be somewhat similar to today’s weather:  Mix of sun and clouds, breezy to start, highs below normal once again.  Really #IMHO, I have no complaints about tomorrow’s forecast.  Low humidity, some sun, highs around 70… PERFECT for Bri.  It may not be what we’d expect for the beginning of Meteorological Summer, but once we’re back to 90° days we’ll be wishing for tomorrow’s weather!

The weekend looks decent, all things considered.  It seems like we’ve lost too many Sunday’s to rain, as of recently.  It’s nice to be able to scrub out the raindrop from the weekend forecast.  We’ll turn up the heat a touch, too.  Highs on Saturday will be in the mid to upper 70s (that’s more like it), but humidity will also be on the increase through the day.  It looks like we have a decent shot at some showers/storms late Saturday night, but the timing may not be ideal for these storms to be severe.  It’s still something we’ll be keeping a close eye on.  Sunday’s highs will be in the mid 70s with only a slight chance of a shower, more likely very early on.

Only 10 more (full) days of spring!  – Breezy