So far, the daily average temperature for the month is below average, and we’re slightly above average for precipitation.

It’s also feel more like summer, with the sun rising earlier and setting later.


So far we have had 12 days with measurable precipitation, and 8 without measurable precipitation. It may feel like we have had more days with rain since it has been so gloomy, but the 1st, 6th, 11th, and 15-16th only had a trace. That means we probably only saw mist or light drizzle, not enough to record 0.01″ of accumulation for the day.

We even had a taste of winter on May 12-13th. Some areas saw light snow and sleet.


It was a cool start to the month, that’s for sure. It was feeling more like early April, not so much early May. May 14th felt more like March with temperature in the mid and upper 40s!

We then started to go up slowly from there. It has been above average the last 4 days. Monday was warm with highs about 20 degrees above average. The month started well below average for the daily average temperature, but since then it has evened out a bit. We are now 0.9º below average for the month.


As far as our daily average highs, we have been above average 7 days, and below average 14 days. The daily average high starts in the low 60s to start the month, and ends in the low 70.


I think I need to get curtains for my room. The sun is now rising around 5:15 AM! Since May 1st we have gained 44 minutes of daylight.

Today’s day length is 14 hours and 47 minutes. In one month (June 21st), the day will be 15 hour and 17 minutes long. So many activities!


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