Cool in New England, Heating Up in the Tropics

Well fall arrived like flipping a switch today. Highs were generally upper 60s to lower 70s, but the wind and cloud cover certainly added a little chill to the air. If you like this weather, well you’re in luck. There’s more fall-like weather to come, but that means some rain as well. Plan on another cloudy day for your Sunday. We’ll see a few glimpses at the sun, more sun than Saturday, but far from sunny skies by any means.

Sunday is big sports day in Boston! Both the Pats and the Sox with games and we’re looking dry, but again you’ll have the clouds and the fall-like chill in the air. Perfect weather to kick off the NFL season!

While we stay cool here in the northeast, the southeast is bracing for a landfall from Florence. Right now, Florence is a tropical storm, but the forecast is for the storm to strengthen to a Category 4 storm before making landfall on Thursday. Landfall is currently forecast for somewhere in North or South Carolina. A Category 4 storm would mean winds of 131-155 mph. September is peak Hurricane month and the Atlantic is certainly reflecting that. Aside from Florence, we also have Isaac and Helene. All forecast to become Hurricanes by next week. And to cap things off – the Pacific Ocean is also dealing with Olivia which is expected to make landfall in Hawaii, but expected to weaken a bit before it does so.