Cool Pattern Ahead

After bursts of warm weather in April sent temperatures above 80 degrees 4 times in Boston, you’d think we’d easily be able to hold on to some warmth by early to mid May. Sorry folks, patterns can change quickly around here as we often snap back the trend to the other side of the pendulum. What goes up, often comes down this time of year, and not only are our really warm days a goner over the next 10 days, most of the time, we’ll be cooler than average with quite a bit of cloudiness around, especially in the afternoon. However, that doesn’t mean we’ll be stuck in a week long washout.

Let’s start with today, shall we?  The morning starts off nice with some sun, and a refreshing cool breeze. That sun mixes in with building clouds by mid to late morning and more clouds than sun overtake the sky this afternoon.  The shower chance is rather low for many towns east of Worcester this afternoon, with just an isolated shower possible. A better chance for some showers will be found in the Worcester Hills, points west, as well as a few showers more likely across the Cape.

Next week is cool. Lots of days in the 50s for highs with some early sun and lots of clouds by late morning/afternoon on most days. A few pop up showers fire each afternoon with the most widespread activity on Tuesday. We won’t pick up much rain in terms of totals this week, so no day is a complete washout.
By next weekend, we’ll need to watch how close a coastal storm comes to New England. If it’s close by, it’s a chilly, raw weekend with rain likely Saturday afternoon/Sunday. If the storm stays south, we’re dry with temps in the 60s.  We’ll keep a close eye on that one this week for mom.

Have a great Sunday.

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