After a fairly solid Spring day yesterday with highs in the 60s under a mix of clouds and sun, we’ll take a step back today with temps running in the 50s to low 60s today. Mostly cloudy skies prevail this morning with a little bit of light rain near and south of Route 44 in Southeast Mass. Rain showers won’t last long and much of the day is rain-free with some breaks of sun possible this afternoon too. Temps run coolest at the coast.

The pattern doesn’t change much through the weekend with clouds, breaks of sun and highs in the mid 50s to near 60 with coolest temps at the coast. A spot shower or two is possible this weekend, with a better chance for one on Sunday. With that said, we’ll have many more dry hours than wet.

On a separate note, the northern lights will be active over the next couple of nights with a chance to view them on the northern horizon here tonight. Unfortunately, there will be a lot of clouds in place, but if there are a few breaks in the overcast and you’re away from the city lights (light pollution), look north!

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