Cruise Control

While the weather across New England can offer wild swings (example: Memorial Day Weekend as Saturday was 92 and Sunday in the 60s), the weather this week features only small day to day changes.  Overall, it’s a week that many of us won’t mind at all.

The wind has been an issue the last couple of days and once again today will be active.  At times, the wind gusts out of the northwest push 25-30mph. The humidity does stay low as temps warm into the upper 70s.

Finally the breeze relaxes a bit by Wednesday as highs run into the lower 80s.  The humidity will still be low and remains low into the weekend.   Seabreezes keep it in the 70s at the coast Thursday as we run in the low to mid 80s inland.  The coolest day this week is Friday  with highs in the low to mid 70s and more clouds mixed in with an onshore breeze.

How about the weekend?  Still betting on high pressure flexing it’s muscle and holding storminess to our east and to our south.  That allows inland temps to near 80 on Saturday and the low to mid 80s Sunday.  Near the coast, onshore breezes keep it in the 70s.  Overall, the weather works out just fine for dad!

Enjoy the week!

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