Cut To The Chase

We are just days away from the unofficial kickoff to summer and weekend plans are coming together so it makes sense to throw out some early thoughts on the Holiday Weekend weather. The weekend will start with sunshine and heat–Saturday–as temps run up near 90. Where it gets messy is late day Saturday as a cool front from northern New England will drop into southern New England, sparking some showers & t-storms.

This front will be the divider between summer-like warmth and cool spring air. The front will also create clouds. As of this evening, the front is likely to waver back & forth for both Sunday and Monday. At this time, that would mean quite a few clouds both days and perhaps a few isolated showers. It does not appear like all day rain but not exactly great weather for pools, lakes and beaches either.

It is only Tuesday so the placement of that front–and what type of weather it means for us—is still subject to change but those are early thoughts. Until that front drops into town late Saturday we have a nice stretch of weather beginning tomorrow! The day starts with clouds but sunshine arrives late morning and is with us for the rest of the week! Our warm may rolls on with temps into the 70s the next few days but by Friday the heat arrives as temps head for the 80s (some great beach weather Friday-Saturday).

Enjoy what’s left of Taco Tuesday.