Dark and Scary

You probably assume by the title above that I’m going to blog about the Halloween forecast (eventually, I will get to that).  The forecast is dark and scary indeed, but you know what’s even dark-ER and scari-ER?!  We are quickly burning daylight these days.  GASP!  I know.  We’re just a week away from the end of Daylight Saving Time (notice there’s no “s” on the end of “saving,” because it’s not like a savings account… so it isn’t plural).  EEEK!  Yup.  That means we’re just a week away from setting the clocks BACK an hour, making things very dark and scary – in the middle of the afternoon.

The earliest sunset we having coming isn’t until December 2nd – but that’s when we lose our daylight at 4:12pm!!  This “earliest” sunset (at 4:12pm) continues through December 13th.  So you may be feeling a little “blue” because of this early hue of “midnight” in the sky.  I’m with you.  We’re entering into “Solar Winter,” and for sun-worshippers like myself it can mean some melancholy days due to the loss of serotonin (think: “happy juice”) production in the brain.  A more common name for it is “seasonal affective disorder,” or “SAD,” and I will say it’s a very real thing for me.  The loss of daylight can sort of throw our circadian rhythm out of wack – making your body think that it’s time for bed, when you haven’t even finished your work day yet.  #thestruggleisreal

I don’t bring this up to bum you out.  I promise I don’t want to bum you out!  But for me, it’s important to prepare for this “dark and scary” time.  Really, I bring this up for planning purposes.  Preparing for some “dark days” ahead is the first step.  Years ago, my mother bought me a “light therapy” lamp for my desk.  I find that just sitting by this light for an hour (or so) a day can help.  But then again… so can a warm, tropical vacation!  :c)  Other ways I try to combat these winter blues:

  • crafts/hobbies – like starting a crochet/knitting/carpentry project, baking something yummy, joining a bowling league (yes, I used to be on one)
  • always having something to look forward to on the calendar, even it it’s just a dinner date or movie out with friends
  • EXERCISE!!  This one is key for me.  I find my mood is directly related to how much I run (even if it’s on the “dreadmill”)

I would love to hear your tips for beating the “winter blues!”  We’ll get through it!  After 12/13, we’ll get some later sunsets and after the winter solstice (Dec 21st) we will slowly gain bits of daylight back.  Hang in there.  You’re not alone during these “dark and scary” days of winter.

You know what else is quite scary?  #Snowtober  YIKES.  7News Chief Meteorologist Jeremy Reiner reminded us of this today (btw thanks, JR!):

I wasn’t here for this, but I understand it was a DOOZY just by looking at this graphic!  But remember, after this very early snowstorm there wasn’t much to follow it during the winter of 2011-2012.  It was like a “one and done” winter.  Good ol’ Wacky New England Weather!

It won’t be so crazy for Halloween this year.  Sunday will feature mostly cloudy skies, but temps will be a touch more mild; in the upper 50s to low 60s.  We’re in for some showers late Sunday into very early Monday morning, but this looks most likely south of the Mass Pike – and it’s out of here by the Monday morning commute.  There’s nothing too scary about the Halloween forecast – but trick-or-treat temps in the mid to upper 40s could send chills down your spine.  Enjoy, and stay safe!