Are you a fan of Deep Dish or Thin Crust Pizza?? Vacationing in Maine or on the Cape??..Dark or Milk Chocolate?? So many decisions….I think if asked about today’s weather–most would say..nice but a bit chilly. Well…good news, more sunshine tomorrow and milder!

Election Day will offer sunshine all day and even in its limited state these days (just a smidge over 10 hours of daylight), we’ll still be able to flirt with 60 by Tuesday afternoon. Here’s a look at the Election Day Forecast:
You can see that we start the day in the low 30s (upper 30s in downtown Boston) so jackets, hoodies, hats/gloves likely needed early in the day but by noon, the temps are in the mid & upper 50s requiring a peel back of those early morning layers…only to be re-used by evening as the temps begin to slide into the upper 40s. No issues–go rock that vote….and if you voted early then it’s a great day for any other plans you may have… yard-work, bike ride, golf, exercise program outside—all looking good.

Wednesday is our only day this week that offers rain and that will be in the form of scattered showers–mainly during the afternoon/early evening. It’s from a cool front dropping out of Canada and those fronts rarely, if ever, pummel us with heavy precipitation as they don’t spend enough time with us to grab any moisture from the ocean like the storms do. Plan on less than .10″ of rain and some of you west of I-95 may not see any raindrops at all!

Late week offers more sunshine and see-saw temps…near 50 on Thursday and back up into the 50s on Friday….and then the 40s on Saturday….it appears Ma Nature is undecided as to how to treat fall….warm or cold?

I’m Jeremy Reiner and I approve this blog.