Doldrums of Spring

A little cool, a little breezy, and getting a little old… don’t you think?  Maybe it’s just me – but I’m ready to break out the flip flops and board the BHC ferry to Provincetown!  Perhaps this spring fever was caused by the 4 days into the 80s during April.  That had me hoping that summer weather was here to stay!  Unfortunately, we now find ourselves locked in a typical springtime pattern.  “Caught in the hamster wheel” or “rinse and repeat” or “weather pattern stuck in traffic”… however you want to think of it, it’s “more of the same” through much of this week.

Much like yesterday, we’ve had a mixed bag of weather today:  Some clouds, some sun, some quick hit-or-miss showers.  Tomorrow will be much the same, as will Wednesday… Groundhog Day?  No!  Just the doldrums of May.  It was this time last year that Jeremy Reiner posed the question on Twitter: “Would you prefer a mild winter and a cool/damp spring?  OR a crazy/cold winter with a sunny/warm spring?”  The opinions on that question last year were split down the middle; 51% to 49%.  For me, I’d have to say – “it depends on what season we’re currently in when you ask me that question!”

Overnight should be mostly if not all dry.  Mostly cloudy skies prevail, but break apart enough for chilly temps.  Lows should range from 36-43°, with a chance of patchy frost well N & W of 495.  No Frost Advisories have been issued by the NWS, because there’s not enough confidence in widespread frost forming… However, my personal motto is “plan for the worst and hope for the best.”  If you’ve done some early spring planting and you’re worried about sensitive vegetation, just cover the plants up overnight or bring them inside.  No sense in worrying about the peppers and tomato plants all night – we all need our beauty sleep!  :c)

Tomorrow’s chance of showers is about 30%, mainly in the afternoon.  Again, these showers will be more of a nuisance than anything; not lasting long or amounting to much – and most of us don’t even see these drops.  Highs tomorrow will once again be in the low to mid 50s.

Heading into the weekend, things get a bit tricky.  Confidence is growing that we’re in for some wet weather late Saturday through early Monday (including Mother’s Day) – but I’m not ready to bank on a soaker/washout just yet.  Still several days to nail down the details.  For now, grab that spring jacket and umbrella – and keep on keepin’ on through these doldrums of spring.  Memorial Day is only 3 weeks from today!  – Breezy